The Sweet Story Behind "That Cupcake Lady"


Hi! I’m Alisha Perry, and I am an Event Planner and a Baker.

If anyone would have told me that I would hold these titles, let alone have my own businesses, I would have laughed! My life before event planning and baking, just two years ago, consisted of being a single Mom of three boys – at that time 16, 13 and 1, and a full-time employee. I’ve always had a desire to care for others and bring them joy, but in the form of nursing. Event planning and baking? Not even on my radar.

In March of 2017, I assisted a friend with her daughter’s 13th birthday party. It was an Emoji themed party, and I took my chances at cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, and cupcakes for my first attempt at a dessert table. I was pleased with the outcome, as was my family and friends once I shared my creations on social media. Not only did I gain approval, but I also began to receive order requests.

Initially, I was not interested in pursuing this as anything more than this new hobby I now had. But, when the treat orders never stopped being requested after a few months, prompting from close family and friends to make a business out of it persisted, and a daily devotional on June 21, 2017 confirmed God’s plan for my life, I decided to move forward.

The devotional reads:

Lord, You are the Creator of everything,
And You live within me. Please help me display
Your creativity in the uniques ways
You intended when You made me. Amen.

God spoke to me through this devotional that day. Not only to say move forward with your business endeavors, but also to not limit myself to baking because there is so much more creativity in me. So, just two short weeks later, on July 3, 2017, True Story Events, LLC was formed. That day, I decided that I wanted every client or potential client to know that God is at the forefront of this thing, so this devotional is noted on my business cards. It is a constant reminder that the finished products are His creations displayed through me, and I am extremely grateful to be of service to you!